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All our systems operate seamlessly over RS485, modems, LANs and WANs with remote setup and reporting

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Web Clocking Facilities

Timenet and Micronet systems can accept clockings from a web browser or by dedicated software on PC's, This allows personnel to clock in and out using their PC screens without any additional hardware. Fingerprint reader can be connected to the PC's if biometric verification is required.
  • T&A and Job Clocking from any networked PC

  • Homeworkers can clock using home PCs

  • Optional automatic clockings when PCs started or shut down

  • Reports accessible from browser window with TimenetWeb

  • Clock in and Out by telephone with TimenetWeb

  • Fingerprint verification using reader attached to PC

  • Reports showing location of all PC clockings

  • Optional WebClk PC software for extra security

The TimenetWeb system takes this further by removing the need for any dedicated hardware. Our web servers are used to provide a realtime system to accept and process clockings from PC's, browsers and telephones. Reports can be viewed using a browser or the Timenet software.