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access terminal
Micronet terminal
All our systems operate seamlessly over RS485, modems, LANs and WANs with remote setup and reporting

Example Network


Time and Attendance Facilities

  • Up to 10,000 employees

  • Full Flexitime facilities

  • 250 shifts patterns including Fixed, Rotating and Continental Shifts

  • 250 Departments

  • 100 absence type individually programmable in employee calendars

  • 7 overtime bands using 7day timezones, daily and weekly limits

  • Extensive reporting with additional user writable report facilities

  • Automatic daily backups

  • Magnetic cards, Proximity cards, Proximity keyfobs, Barcodes and fingerprint identification

  • Direct link to major payroll packages

  • Automatic timed relay outputs for lunch break bells

  • Realtime Attendance Display on PC screens

  • Configurable Human Resources Database

  • Editing of all clockings with full audit trail

  • Infringement reporting including lateness, absences, core time

  • Working Time Directive Report and Fire Report