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All our systems operate seamlessly over RS485, modems, LANs and WANs with remote setup and reporting

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TimenetWeb System

The TimenetWeb System is an online version of our Timenet system. It does not need any hardware (other than a PC and broadband connection).  TimenetWeb allows staff to clock in and out using a web browser, smartphone or a standalone program.  It also provides ways to clock using telephone or text messaging for those on the move.  A USB fingerprint reader may be attached to PCs to provide biometric verification.   Reports can be viewed online, or by using our Timenet software

  • Time and Attendance facilities for up to 10,000 employees.
  • Data Collection for up to 10,000 employees and 10,000 jobs. 
  • Optional Proximity card reader
  • Optional fingerprint reader
  • Web browser interface
  • Up to 99 Workgroups, 250 shift patterns, and 250 Departments.
  • Extensive free PC software .


The TimenetWeb system is hosted on our Timenet servers and costs from only £300 per year.

A one month free trial is available which gives full access to all Timenet facilities and software.  To register for the free trial, click here.


How it all works:

Our webserver holds a complete set of your data and uses realtime software to constantly monitor your data, and process clockings that it receives from a browser, phone call or from our webclk program.

There is a set of reports that can be run from a browser which allows you to examine and report on your data from any pc.

To make changes to your settings, add employees etc, you will need to install our Timenet software.  This software sets up a copy of your data on your computer (or on your server) and keeps that data synchronised with the web version.  It also allows you to make changes to settings, set up personnel information, shift patterns, departments etc. This means that you can always look at and change your data even if the web is disconnected.  It also means you have a copy of your data which you can backup and maintain. 

If at any time, you wish to upgrade to one of our Timenet System terminals, you can send your copy of the data to the terminal and continue using it without needing to re-enter data or lose any information.  If you store your data on a networked drive so it can be shared, Timenet software can be run on any number of PC's simultaneously.